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One Click Cost Them $125.93

As has been mentioned several times throughout this site we (the owners of also own a resort and perform property management. Like you, we list our properties on AirBNB, VRBO, etc. trying to fill our units with as many bookings as possible. This gives us a unique insight into what the travelers are paying. In the coming weeks we will demonstrate this in numerous blogs to help get the word out. Here's the first of many to come.

the pricing page for a hotel room
This reservation was made directly through AirBNB for one of our condos for 3 nights in December, 2022. The client ended up paying $125.93 in Guest Service Fees. Money that could have been used at a local restaurant - gas - movies or even just saved if they would have booked through us at

Advertise your vacation rental on our website in just minutes!

No Booking Fees. No Setup Fees. No Annual Contracts.

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