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"Convenience" - "Service" - "Commission"
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a man and woman are sitting on a motorcycleAs an owner who actively lists their own rentals on the major platforms, we have firsthand knowledge of the financial hits that are levied against both the travelers and the owners. Some of the fees are simply astounding as you will see but the bottom line is this: Imagine what your clients could do with an extra $200. Buy a nice dinner? Rent a jet ski from your local marina? Tickets to the local amusement park? In the case of Booking and Expedia, you are paying a minimum of 15% for each reservation! In a time of high inflation can you afford to give 15% back? Could that 15% be invested better in your own operations? 

The truth of the matter is all of these platforms are well established and have an enormous clientele already build up. Nothing this site or any other could do would change that. Because of that, they can set their pricing however they want and will be successful. BUT we can do our part to alleviate some of these fees by garnering reservations and helping you (the traveler and owner) save money by letting you book directly. Literally, 1 single reservation will offset the entire cost of listing on this site for the entire year! If by chance you garner a 2nd, you have made back everything and then some. 

For our own operation we can state with absolute honesty, we have already had reservations made directly from travelers looking to save on these fees. We want to help you do the same. 

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HANDAN KUGLER | I am a resort owner and property manager in the city of Branson, Missouri. We have owned and operated Hunter’s Friend for the past 20 years and enjoy the friendships that we have made over this time. Our guests know that each reservation is treated like our first with impeccable attention to detail for cleanliness.huntersfriendresortveecalindianpointmarinaBlog