One of the major reasons given when travelers were surveyed about their reason for renting a private home instead of staying in an extended stay or resort was the convenience of having a kitchen. In every survey taken, the kitchen always came in #1 for the responses. Given this, it is no wonder the short term rental market has simply exploded. You as a vacation homeowner are sitting on a highly profitable revenue generating machine. Every home is an opportunity. Every location is needed. Travelers search far and wide to find suitable lodging for their vacations and short trips.

What's in a listing

Just the basics really and not much more. You simply and accurately list your home on our site, upload images, give a great description and set your rates and availability. After that it is just a case of responding to your inquiries and nothing more.

Who can book

You are in charge and set the rules for who can stay and at what amount.

We're here to help

Vacation.Rentals provides tips and help along the way. From getting your home listed to helping you interact quicker with your guests. We will run the advertisement, make the videos, create the business cards, funnel your listing to the social media sites and much more. You take care of your customers and we will take care of you.