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With our Best Price Guarantee (BPG), exclusively from Vacation Rentals By VacaRent, you can gain even greater savings! This is our promise to you: The vacation rental listing you find on our site will feature the lowest price for that exact property and time period than you will find published anywhere else on the internet. Simply look for this symbol next for each participating listing and book with confidence that you are getting the lowest price anywhere!


While the BPG is a voluntary program, those partners awarded this badge certify that their daily rates will be at least 2% or more below any other published rates for their vacation home. You won’t find other sites offering this type of guarantee!

On our website, we further guarantee you will NEVER pay:

  • Service fees - Really? What was the “Service” exactly?
  • Booking Fees/Commissions - Take from the host - take from the traveler
  • Convenience fees - “We allow you to look at our site so therein lies the ‘convenience’.”

You already know that VRBO™, AirBNB™, FlipKey™, and many other booking sites charge you more for the identical property that you found here on Why should you pay more for those sites to pad their corporate profits with fees disguised as “convenience fees”, “service fees”, or “booking fees” that provide no added benefit? We feel you should take a vacation – not be taken!